• Since the time I could barely walk, animals have played an important role in my life. Before I learned to read and write, I learned to sit on horseback, and spent every free moment I could with our horses. I was especially drawn to the beauty and elegance of Arabians. My lifelong love affair with them remains and has served me well, giving me joy and inspiration.

    In 2005 I became acquainted with my first Rhodesian Ridgeback, and felt head over heels for this breed of dog. I crossed paths with my very first Ridgeback, a male, who was to accompany me on my journey for the next few years. He showed me very clearly the strong instincts and special way that Ridgebacks interact with their chosen “people”.  And so began another love affair with Rhodesian Ridgebacks!

  • At the moment our family consists of two Arabian mares, and three lovely Ridgeback ladies. I never fail to wonder at their sheer athleticism, elegance and beauty. Every minute I can is spent with my animal family, and my Ridgebacks accompany me everywhere. We especially love long walks and hacks into the forest, meadows and mountains of my home.

    Every day of our life together is governed by strong principles of respect, respect for their individual requirements, and respect for the Ridgeback specific breed requirements. Our life together revolves around these principles of fair and transparent treatment towards each other. I abhor and absolutely do not or will not accept any sort of repression, negative reinforcement or treatment used to frighten my animals.

I am so pleased that you found your way to my website, and hope that you enjoy the time you spent here!

Yvonne with Minoo, Flo, Juji, Marisha and Azali